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iPod Converter Guide - Convert Your Favorite DVDs & Videos to iPod format



iPod Video Converters


There are two main categories of iPod Video Converter Software: iPod Video Converters & DVD to iPod Converters. Some software companies offer bundled versions which give you the capability to convert regular video files (e.g. .mov, .avi, .wmv, etc.) and DVDs to iPod's video format, which is MP4 format.


For most situations, you are better off to buy a bundled software like Cucusoft's iPod Video Suite, but you may only want to purchase software to convert certain file types to iPod video format. In that case, you'll probably be more interested in an iPod Video Converter program. Click the category that best fits your needs to read reviews on the top software titles:

Good luck in your conversion efforts. Please let us know if you have questions or know of additional software that we should include in our reviews.





Legal Note:

Remember do not copy DVDs that you do not own! It is illegal to make a copy of a movie for use on your device if you do not own the original. The legality of DVD ripping will vary based on your country of residence. iPodVideoConverters.com does not in any way endorse violation of the valid rights of copyright holders, and strongly recommends that you consult your country's copyright and fair use laws before copying any video content.



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