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iSofter DVD to iPod Converter – A Great Conversion Solution for Movie Lovers

iSofter DVD to iPod RipperLove watching movies when you travel but hate carrying all those DVDs? The laptop has been one of the most versatile companions by any businessperson, but it too can be very large to carry along, especially if you don’t really need to take it with you. If you need entertainment on the road, the iPod is certainly the answer. And to make it even more complete, having the iSofter DVD to iPod Converter in your computer is a big plus.

As the disk memory of the iPod gets bigger, this means that you will be able to store more movies and videos in your iPod. With easy-to-use conversion software like the iSofter DVD to iPod Converter, you can convert all your DVDs to video formats that is supported by the iPod at 640 to 480 pixels video resolution.

The key features of the iSofter DVD to iPod Converter include one of the easiest to customize settings which can allow you to personalize your video conversion output. With the iSofter DVD to iPod Converter, you will be able to choose the file size of your output, pick segments to rip from any DVD, supports selection of target subtitle and so much more.

The iSofter DVD to iPod Converter also has a very user-friendly interface that any beginner can easily use the software, it also has a fast conversion speed so you don’t have to spend countless hours just to convert all your DVD’s. You get high output quality from the video to its audio each and every time.

September 19th, 2007


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