AppleTV: What’s All the Fuss About?      

February 20th, 2007

If you haven’t heard of AppleTV, you soon will.  This incredible new program is the latest phenomenon from Apple and it will change the way you get and watch your entertainment.  The premise of AppleTV is simple yet powerful.  It allows you to watch media from your computer right on your television.  This is perfect for people who might have a small computer screen but a big-screen TV.  If you want to gather your family and friends around the big screen and share your computer media, you can do so quickly and easily with Apple TV.

Let’s look at an example.  You’ve just downloaded a movie from iTunes.  Rather than gathering your family around the little computer screen, you can attend to other matters like grabbing some snacks while your computer sends the movie to your TV via a wireless signal.  There are no pesky wires to hook up, just a simple remote control that is used to control everything.  It’s amazingly advanced yet extremely simple.

The Apple TV box connects to your TV through the use of an HDMI port or component audio and video ports.  Then, the wireless capability syncs to any Mac in your home.  With Apple TV, your entire iTunes library is right on your television.  The possibilities are unlimited — enjoy movies, music, TV shows, podcasts and more with just the click of a remote. You can even transfer photographs from iPhoto or Photoshop right to your television screen for a fun and high-tech photograph slideshow. 

You might be wondering how much technology of this magnitude is going to cost you.  Many people are shocked to learn that the cost for AppleTV is only $299.  As the word spreads about this incredible program, many people will bring AppleTV into their home.  You won’t ever want to watch TV in the same way again when you’ve got this flexible, fun and powerful entertainment option.  Not sure if AppleTV is right for you?  One great way to make a decision is to browse the massive iTunes library.  There, you’ll get to view all the possible downloads available.   With iTunes and AppleTV, it’s like you own your very own entertainment company.  Watch what you want, when you want!

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