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Wondershare DVD to iPod – Professional Quality Conversion Solution for Your Video Needs

iPod users know how it is having this wonderful portable multimedia player around when you have basically nothing to do. With the 30 GB and the 80 GB iPod being sold today, youWondershare DVD to iPod Ripper now have more storage room for basically everything you want; this includes all your favorite videos. But you don’t just plug your iPod to your computer and upload every video you have, you first have to make sure that they are supported video formats by your iPod.

This includes your DVD collection. Having a DVD conversion software in the pc is rising in popularity with iPod owners, software such as the Wondershare DVD to iPod can provide a professional solution to those who wants to have their favorite DVD’s inside their iPod.

Utilizing the latest in MPEG-4 video encode technology like the XviD and the H.264, the Wondershare DVD to iPod converter can convert multi formats of DVD’s to iPod supported video formats in 640 by 480 resolution with utmost ease and topnotch quality.

Other key features of the Wondershare DVD to iPod ripper software include the capability to edit your output videos like its brightness, contrast, file size, and even trim and crop the videos to remove the black bars above and below the video. You can also choose a segment of the video to convert or a clip of it.

The Wondershare DVD to iPod software offers other numerous other functions. It is free to try but its free version doesn’t allow the use of some of its functions.

September 22nd, 2007

iSofter DVD to iPod Converter – A Great Conversion Solution for Movie Lovers

iSofter DVD to iPod RipperLove watching movies when you travel but hate carrying all those DVDs? The laptop has been one of the most versatile companions by any businessperson, but it too can be very large to carry along, especially if you don’t really need to take it with you. If you need entertainment on the road, the iPod is certainly the answer. And to make it even more complete, having the iSofter DVD to iPod Converter in your computer is a big plus.

As the disk memory of the iPod gets bigger, this means that you will be able to store more movies and videos in your iPod. With easy-to-use conversion software like the iSofter DVD to iPod Converter, you can convert all your DVDs to video formats that is supported by the iPod at 640 to 480 pixels video resolution.

The key features of the iSofter DVD to iPod Converter include one of the easiest to customize settings which can allow you to personalize your video conversion output. With the iSofter DVD to iPod Converter, you will be able to choose the file size of your output, pick segments to rip from any DVD, supports selection of target subtitle and so much more.

The iSofter DVD to iPod Converter also has a very user-friendly interface that any beginner can easily use the software, it also has a fast conversion speed so you don’t have to spend countless hours just to convert all your DVD’s. You get high output quality from the video to its audio each and every time.

September 19th, 2007

Accelerate DVD to iPod Converter – The Fast and Easy Way to Convert Video Files for your iPod

Accelerate DVD to iPodOwning an iPod means that you have access to great entertainment on the road or wherever you are. But uploading files is not just as simple as transferring files to a flash disk. Sure it’s fairly easy as well, but you have to understand that not all video files are supported by the iPod.

Having a video conversion software like the Accelerate DVD to iPod Converter allows any user to have access to one of the fastest video convertor available today. For recent powerful computers, you will be able to rip and convert a DVD video in less than half an hour. And because of its easy to use interface, converting DVD files only takes one step.

The Accelerate DVD to iPod Converter also provides its user the capability to customize its settings and choose segments or clips of the movie that you want to convert. There are a lot of options that would allow a user to optimize his or her conversions and choose from a variety of formats to fully optimize his or her viewing experience on the iPod.

One of its key features is that a conversion can be paused at any time and there won’t be any loss in the unfinished file. This means that you can make use of your computer even if you still have a file being converted. With these features and more, you can fill your iPod with your favorite videos in no time at all.

September 1st, 2007

Movavi DVD to iPod Converter Review – Ripping, Converting and Uploading all in One Software

Movavi DVD to iPod RipperThe Movavi DVD to iPod Converter is exactly the type of software iPod users should definitely have in their computers. Watching videos and movies on the iPod is not just simply uploading the video or movie files straight to your iPod.

Remember, a DVD has a different video format and the iPod doesn’t support this, it needs to be converted first. This is where programs like the Movavi DVD to iPod Converter comes in very handy.

The Movavi DVD to iPod Converter is a one-click conversion solution that can be able to rip your DVDs, convert them into video format that even the new iPod supports and allow them to be uploaded easily into your iPod. This program also includes numerous options like presets that can be able to be synchronized with the different types of iPod available today.

Different options included in the program helps the user to have full control of their conversion operations. You have full control in choosing which you want to convert like clips or segments of the DVD, if you want to skip the bonus videos and stick to the main video, you can do so. You can even choose the audio track to be converted along with the movie.

Another feature of the Movavi DVD to iPod Converter is its “Join” capability. The software is able to join movies or videos to make one long video. Just by choosing the clips or videos you want to join and clicking a button, you can do the operation easily.

This and more is what you get from the Movavi DVD to iPod Converter, check it out today and change the way you see your iPod.

August 28th, 2007

Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter – Your Reliable Partner in DVD to iPod Conversion

Lenogo DVD to iPodConverting DVD’s to iPod supported video formats has grown in popularity in recent years as the iPod has grown in memory size allowing more video files to be stored in it. This means that you don’t have to keep on erasing all your previous files to give way for your other movies. As this conversion process grows in popularity, the need for a reliable and fast video conversion software grows as well, this is where the Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter shines.

Regarded as one of the fastest DVD to iPod converter available today, the Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter is able to detect the settings of your computers hardware and be able to find the fastest way to work with it. It is also very easy to use and with just one click, you will be able to convert your DVD into an iPod video supported format.

Also, it allows its user to have full control of the video and audio settings. You will be able to choose which aspect ratio you want, select the audio track and subtitle, and lots more.

But the great thing is that there is no loss in quality whether in video or audio. Even though the whole DVD is compressed to an iPod video size, you still get the same quality DVD’s are known for.

The Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter is available for download as shareware software, to make use of all its great options, you can purchase the product as well.

August 13th, 2007

1Click DVD to iPod Review – One Click and that’s All It Takes

1Click DVD to iPod ConverterFor people who love to watch movies on the go, the 1Click DVD to iPod is the perfect software to install in their computer. Are you always riding the bus, train or do you waste a lot of time waiting for rides?  Having an iPod is not just about listening to music anymore, with expanding memory storage, you can now have your favorite movies and videos inside and watch it anytime you want.

But because there are many video formats being used today, your DVD may not be compatible with your iPod, and most likely, it really is not. So having a software like 1Click DVD to iPod can help you convert your DVD’s to iPod compatible video file formats and have it easily be loaded into your iPod.

What sets the 1Click DVD to iPod apart from all other video conversion programs is their CPRx error correction technology which ensures topnotch quality both in video and audio in every conversion output, even with the newer DVD generations.

Other key features of the 1Click DVD to iPod include extremely fast conversion operation, automatic adjustment of settings for best quality output, allows zooming of widescreen to full screen resolution, one click conversion and a lot more.

So check it out, the 1Click DVD to iPod is free to download and try but some of its features are locked. To unlock it, you need to purchase the software for a minimal fee. Try it out today and broaden your iPod experience.

August 3rd, 2007


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