How to Copy a DVD to Your iPod      

February 14th, 2007

If you’ve got an iPod, then you may be looking for a way to copy your favorite DVDs to it.  Luckily, there are two powerful software programs that can help you.  First, you should check out the DVD to iPod and iPod Video Converter Suite from Cucusoft.  This comprehensive software suite is filled with awesome features that make converting your favorite DVDs into iPod format fast and easy. 

If you’ve ever tried a converter before, it may have required you to convert DVDs into avi format before they could be converted into iPod format.  With this converter suite from Cucusoft, you get to convert DVDs straight to iPod format with no other formats in between.

All sorts of formats are supported by the Cucusoft DVD to iPod Video Converter.  They include DVD, VOB, Divx, Xvid, MOV, rm, rmbv, MPEG, WMV and AVI.  There are many different iPod sizes that are supported as well, which include H.264, Baseline Profile, and Simple Profile. 

There is support for drag and drop, subtitle selection, audio track selection, and more.  You get various video crop mode options and the splitting of output video by chapter.  You can even convert your DVDs into MP3 audio.  There are so many great ways to use this powerful conversion software.  This extensive suite is a great value at only $39.95.  And, it’s simple to use with a self-explanatory interface. 

Another program that makes converting your DVDs into iPod format simple is the Accelerate DVD to iPod converter.  This software is a great deal for only $29.95 and will convert your DVDS with only a few simple clicks of the mouse. 

The Accelerate converter automatically detects the configuration of your hardware and creates the optimal conversion scheme for your computer.  Conversion is extremely fast, taking only a half hour on some higher end computers.  Other notable features include a handy preview window, lots of customization options and a compact size. 

When you have programs like the ones above, you can turn your favorite DVDs and other footage into iPod format more easily than ever before.  Even a computer novice can operate these programs due to the self-explanatory yet advanced user interfaces. 

Both programs are supported by fantastic customer support in the event of questions.  If you’ve got an iPod, try these programs for yourself — you’ll be glad you did!

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