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August 19th, 2007

Lenogo Video to iPod Converter Software ReviewNot all of us have the luxury of time or the benefit of having vast knowledge with computers and software. But that doesn’t mean we all can’t enjoy the benefits it provides. Developers make sure that people are able to use their software even though most of the users all over the world only have basic knowledge. Like the Lenogo iPod Video Converter, it is a professional video converter that anyone can use and yet provides top quality video conversion output.

Basically, the software seems like its doing all the work, all you need is to tell it which files you want to convert. It automatically detects your computer’s hardware configuration and works with it to achieve optimum conversion speed.

The Lenogo iPod Video Converter is very versatile and powerful and can convert most popular video files used today to a video file format that’s supported by the iPod. These includes video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, AMR, SWF, RM, RMVB and lots more.

Plus, the Lenogo iPod Video Converter ensures that you get the best video and audio quality with each and every conversion that you do. You will also be able to have easy access to the many customizable options that can let you choose which crop mode you want. It is also very user friendly, one example is its capability to pause the conversion process anytime without losing the converted files.

With the Lenogo iPod Video Converter, you will be able to make use of professional tools without having to be a professional yourself.

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