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September 5th, 2007

Accelerate Video to iPod ConverterThe Moment Apple made the iPod capable of playing videos, it revolutionized the way people had their entertainment on the road. Now you don’t need to miss your favorite TV shows as you can download them and place them on your iPod, you can watch your favorite movies over and over again wherever you are and you will never be bored again.

Uploading videos to the iPod is fairly easy, but we have to understand that not every type of video format can be played on the iPod. What you need to do is to first convert the files into the video format supported by your iPod; software like the Accelerate iPod Video Converter can do this job for you.

The Accelerate iPod Video Converter is a professional software conversion solution that will allow you to easily convert numerous video formats at the fastest time possible, about three times the playback time, and without any loss of quality in the audio and video aspect.

Also, the Accelerate iPod Video Converter has many functions which allow a user to fully tweak the settings to customize its conversion operations. You will be able to change the format settings into different aspect ratios. You need to stop the operation while converting? No sweat, all the converted data stays converted, you can just pause the operation and get back to it later.

The Accelerate iPod Video Converter can also be tried out first in its demo version to see if it is indeed the conversion solution for you. Some functions may be disabled though and purchasing the product will unlock this functions.

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