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September 16th, 2007

DVDxSoft iPod Video Converter SoftwareHaving an excellent video converter in your computer will spell a big difference in your iPod video viewing experience. Even though the video screen of the iPod is small, if you have great video output, it can still provide an entertaining experience. For this reason alone, you have to greatly consider the DVDXSoft iPod Video Converter.

First off, the DVDXSoft iPod Video Converter is a video conversion program that has the capability to convert all popular video file formats to day to video file formats that is supported by the iPod. It combines a fast conversion process with high quality video and audio output plus a very user friendly interface that will allow any user, whether a professional or a newbie to get the most from his or her videos.

The DVDXSoft iPod Video Converter has many different features which makes it one of the video conversion software programs that should be listed on top. These features include a two pass encoding mode that ensures that the quality is never compromised but the file size is still the same.

Remember being dismayed because the audio and video of the conversion output is not synchronized when you tried viewing it after uploading the movie to your iPod? Well say goodbye to this dilemma, the DVDXSoft iPod Video Converter has the latest in synchronization technology to get rid of this problem, either with the audio, video or subtitles.

There are numerous there functions  as well, for newbies, using the default settings will be highly recommended as this is already optimized for the iPod, but there are also other options that professionals can use to achieve their personal choices and preferences.

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