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August 7th, 2007

Allead DVD RipperAllead DVD Ripper is a multi function DVD application which enables a user to do various tasks. This includes the ability to rip your DVD’s allowing you to create backups and then convert them to different file formats to be used on different media players which includes portables like the iPod and the PSP.

The Allead DVD Ripper allows ripping of multiple home media disc such as the Sony DVD disc. Its versatility will also allow it to support in the future Blu Ray DVD and HD-DVD which means you don’t need to purchase another DVD ripping application saving you money in the process.

Because Allead DVD Ripper allows direct ripping and conversion to multiple file formats, you save precious time. You can now save your videos for your portable media player or in file formats where you can use it for video streaming on your website.

Allead DVD Ripper also has the Multiform Output Control which gives you the power to choose the audio channel and subtitle you want for your output file. You can even select the video encode, audio encode and the volume you prefer for your output media file. This enables you to completely personalize your videos.

With its easy click interface, using the Allead DVD Ripper is very easy and fast too. Conversion of DVD files takes only about twenty minutes for each hour of playtime. The quality of the output file may not be the same as of the original, but it is still of high quality.


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