Avex DVD Ripper Platinum – A Compete Package for your DVD Video Backup and Conversion Needs      

August 11th, 2007

The Avex DVD Ripper Platinum comes with an array of different applications which provides a plethora of features one would need to create playable backups of their favorite DVD movies and convert them to different video formats to suit their needs. Avex DVD Ripper PlatinumThere are four different applications included in the suite, all of which can be handy for anyone that’s serious about their movies.

What you get first and foremost with the Avex DVD Ripper Platinum is the Avex DVD Ripper. This is a multifunction DVD ripper that offers a number of key features. First off, it is a suitable DVD ripping application for those who do not have great experience with ripping DVD movies. It is easy to use and yet has numerous customization features for experts.

The output quality is superb as well but you need to tweak your settings a bit. For people who don’t know how, the default settings can still provide great video quality but not as nearly superior.

The Avex DVD Ripper Platinum also comes with the Avex DVD to iPod converter, Avex DVD to 3GP converter, Avex DVD to PSP converter and Avex DVD to Zune Converter. For people who love their portable video players, this will come in very handy. You now will be able to easily convert your video files to the file format your PSP, iPod, Zune and cell phone supports.

Overall, the Avex DVD Ripper Platinum provides utmost features but needs to be played around a bit with first before achieving the utmost in output quality.


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