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October 27th, 2007

iSofter DVD Ripper Deluxe to iPod The iSofter DVD Ripper Deluxe is able to provide its user the capability of backing up their DVD’s to their computer, iPod or other device with minimal hard disk space usage with little reduction in the original quality. Reduced to only ten percent of its original size, you can back up all your DVD collection and still have ample hard disk space left.

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Extremely easy to use, iSofter DVD Ripper Deluxe can be utilized by both expert and novice DVD rippers. For expert DVD rippers, the iSofter DVD Ripper Deluxe offers different options which they can tweak to obtain maximum quality and efficiency.

For newbies, the iSofter DVD Ripper Deluxe’s default settings can still provide great quality as it can detect your computers settings and set its parameters according to it. With just a few clicks on the interface, you will be well on your way to ripping DVD’s.

The iSofter DVD Ripper Deluxe also offers versatility as it allows its user to select certain clips or segments of a video to be ripped. Now you don’t have to rip the entire video first then have to edit it on later. Plus, you can convert the video at the same time you are ripping it, changing it to a file format that you prefer.

Another key feature of the iSofter DVD Ripper Deluxe is its ability to rip DVD’s at a fast rate. Also, the application allows batch conversion which makes the process faster. iSofter DVD Ripper Deluxe even allows previews, which means you can watch the movie while you are ripping it.

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