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September 1st, 2007

Accelerate DVD to iPodOwning an iPod means that you have access to great entertainment on the road or wherever you are. But uploading files is not just as simple as transferring files to a flash disk. Sure it’s fairly easy as well, but you have to understand that not all video files are supported by the iPod.

Having a video conversion software like the Accelerate DVD to iPod Converter allows any user to have access to one of the fastest video convertor available today. For recent powerful computers, you will be able to rip and convert a DVD video in less than half an hour. And because of its easy to use interface, converting DVD files only takes one step.

The Accelerate DVD to iPod Converter also provides its user the capability to customize its settings and choose segments or clips of the movie that you want to convert. There are a lot of options that would allow a user to optimize his or her conversions and choose from a variety of formats to fully optimize his or her viewing experience on the iPod.

One of its key features is that a conversion can be paused at any time and there won’t be any loss in the unfinished file. This means that you can make use of your computer even if you still have a file being converted. With these features and more, you can fill your iPod with your favorite videos in no time at all.

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