Movavi DVD to iPod Converter Review – Ripping, Converting and Uploading all in One Software      

August 28th, 2007

Movavi DVD to iPod RipperThe Movavi DVD to iPod Converter is exactly the type of software iPod users should definitely have in their computers. Watching videos and movies on the iPod is not just simply uploading the video or movie files straight to your iPod.

Remember, a DVD has a different video format and the iPod doesn’t support this, it needs to be converted first. This is where programs like the Movavi DVD to iPod Converter comes in very handy.

The Movavi DVD to iPod Converter is a one-click conversion solution that can be able to rip your DVDs, convert them into video format that even the new iPod supports and allow them to be uploaded easily into your iPod. This program also includes numerous options like presets that can be able to be synchronized with the different types of iPod available today.

Different options included in the program helps the user to have full control of their conversion operations. You have full control in choosing which you want to convert like clips or segments of the DVD, if you want to skip the bonus videos and stick to the main video, you can do so. You can even choose the audio track to be converted along with the movie.

Another feature of the Movavi DVD to iPod Converter is its “Join” capability. The software is able to join movies or videos to make one long video. Just by choosing the clips or videos you want to join and clicking a button, you can do the operation easily.

This and more is what you get from the Movavi DVD to iPod Converter, check it out today and change the way you see your iPod.

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